You need to log in to change this bug’s status. To prevent this, disable Visual Effects. A number of cards, some of which were marketed quite recently, are currently in ATI’s legacy pipeline. Furthermore, do not try to use the proprietary ATI ‘fglrx’ drivers, since they made things even worse, at least in my personal experience with an ATI Radeon X The X graphics accelerator is known to be quite fast. I am also seeing corruption in Jaunty, only when resuming from hibernation very similar to this bug: The “ati” driver will automatically choose the best driver for your video card.

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Ubuntu Intrepid Installation Guide

This is certainly not a regression at least on my hardwaresince I could not even start Xorg with the previous driver version, as described in the first post as well.

Alain Oser alain-oser wrote on In this case I’d mark this report as a duplicate of However, this is a very intrusive patch which needs testing on lots of different hardware to make sure it didn’t regress. I linked the logs here. The driver radeonhd which worked very well can’t be loaded, radeon does not work, neither does vesa. To test the nvidia driver: Email me about changes to this bug report.


This bug was found in the Intrepid development cycle; removing regression- potential and marking as regression-release. I’ve been having issues with: I reached KDE desktop, but saw no text and it seemed to freeze when clicking anything.

Index of /download/baltix/Baltix-Ubuntu_packages/intrepid/ati-amd-radeon-fglrx-drivers

The proprietary driver works well but it needs a bit of care. Do you mean that radeonhd is not even in the repositories now, so you can’t get it with apt-get? The symptoms provided indicate this is a intrepiid with your video drivers and is being reassigned to the xorg package. I’ll try that again and let you know what happens.

OK, I applied the nodither patch amd64 and reverted to using radeon instead of fglrx driver to test. Some people find that changes to xorg. Join Date Jul Beans 4.

I opened a thread on ubuntuforums.

An example of the corruption; this is a screenshot of the “desktop wall” post-resume. Duplicates of this bug Bug Peter Zijlstra a-p-zijlstra wrote on Privacy policy About cchtml.


Bryce Harrington bryce wrote on November 4th, 7. If you get this error-message, simply uninstall the previous version before installing the new one with:. This bug inrtepid 4 people.

The workaround definitely fixes this for me. I am also seeing corruption in Jaunty, only intrepiv resuming from hibernation very similar to this bug: Dominik dominalien wrote on TomasHnyk sup wrote on It didn’t show up as an update, probably because I had the “newer” 3 version, so I removed the package and reinstalled it from -proposed. To prevent this, disable Visual Effects.

By default, one of the open source drivers are used. If the vendor string contains ATI, you have installed the driver successfully.